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Wormtail fans.

Peter Pettigrew Fans Unite!
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Fans of Peter Pettigrew "Wormtail" from the Harry Potter series.


  1. No bashing of any character, specially of Peter. The no bashing also goes for other members. Respect others opinion. No inter house rivalry. The mods are omnipotent all house friendly. We like the four Hogwart's houses.

  2. Put any spoiler behind lj-cuts. (< lj-cut text="" > < /lj-cut> without the spaces.)

  3. We're fanart and fanfic friendly, but please put warnings and a rating (pg to NC 17) and what kind of stuff we may find on your fan contribution.

  4. Image, photos or fanart go under lj-cut. More than 3 icons go under an lj-cut.

  5. No l33t and no shorthanding. 1f u t4lk l1k3 th15 n w4n+ +0 3n+3r, plz l34rn 2 typ3 1st. (Translation: If you talk like this and want to enter, please learn to type first.)